Rail Cargo Services

In express train service GCS provide service through Railway wherein GCS has leased out two products with Indian Railways i.e. SLR, VPH / VPU. This is a time bound service provided by GCS with complete security and competing air / roads service.

a. SLR: - GCS has leased out SLR (Second Class Luggage Rack) from Indian Railways in most of the express super fast passenger train and in this product GCS competes air service with cost effective. SLR is having a capacity of 4 tons and is adjacent to assistant guard cabin.

Trains are capable of transporting a large number of containers

VPH / VPU: - GCS has leased out VPH / VPU (Heavy Parcel Van) from Indian Railways it is a complete container bogey with the capacity of 23 tons. VPH / VPU are being loaded separately in special loading zone where the vehicle can be directly attached to the VPH / VPU to avoid damage in material. The said product is also been attached to express passenger train and competes the Air service with cost effective and better transit.

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